ACSDA Publications

Internal Policies:

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Procedure for the Election of Executive Committee Members of ACSDA
87 Kb
Internal Policy for the Approval of Annual Budget Expenditure

78 Kb
Internal Policy Applications for the Reduction in Members' Ordinary Dues 94 Kb

2014 ACSDA Consolidated Member Profiles:

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ACSDA Member Profiles 2016
1.8 Mb

Legal Committee:

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Comparative Study of ACSDA Member Country's Legal System on Topics
of Interest

229 Kb
Poll and Comparative Study of the Legislation and Norms of ACSDA
Members Countries

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Unidroit Draft Convention on Substantive Rules Regarding Intermediated

33 Kb
Report of the ACSDA Legal Working Committee on Unidroit Initiative:
Direct & Indirect Securities Holdings Systems

27 Kb
ACSDA Legal Committee Unidroit Initiative Highlights of 4th Session
May 2007

53 Kb
Harmonization Project of Substantive Rules of Securities held through
the Intermediaries

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Audit and Risk Committee:

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Recommendations for securities settlement systems. 320 kb
Assessment Methodology for Recommendations for securities
settlement systems.
237 kb
Recommendations for Central Counterparties 690 kb
Core Principles for Systemically Important Payment Systems 538 kb
Statistics on payment and settlement systems in selected countries 1 Mb
Stress testing at major financial institutions: survey results and practice 194 kb
Financial stability and local currency bond markets 749 kb
Central bank operations in response to the financial turmoil 436 kb
Collateral in wholesale financial markets: recent trends, risk
management and market dynamics
293 kb
Basilea II: International convergence of capital measurement
and capital standards
1.9 Mb

Cross-Border Linkages Committee:

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Operaciones Transfronterizas, Comité de Armonización entre los Depósitos Centrales de Valores, ACSDA
254 Kb

Other publications:

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2007-2008 Depository Information-Gathering Project
2.3 Mb
ACSDA comment letter to SWIFT on Giovannini Barrier 66 Kb
ACSDA Recommendation Hague Securities Convention 58 Kb